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How To Listen

Where Can I Receive Oldies 104.7 on FM Stations?

Because there are no available higher power FM frequencies available in the Raleigh-Durham market, Oldies 104.7 has to rely on a number of smaller FM stations to provide listeners with an FM signal.

So, where can I listen to the Oldies station?

850AM: You can pick up Oldies 104.7 almost everywhere in the Triangle on 850AM. However, even that station has limitations since a reduction in power is required at night.

94.7 HD2: If you have an HD Radio in your car or home, you can pick up Oldies 104.7 on 94.7 HD2. This is a very powerful signal which reaches from the Virginia border in the North, past Fayetteville in the South, to Burlington in the West and Kinston in the East.

FM Signals: If you are in the Raleigh and Louisburg areas, tune in to the Oldies station on 104.7 FM.